Loved the post. I learned that giving is such an un-intuitive way of learning. By giving (e.g. knowledge or resources), we enable new experiences. They in-turn teach us new perspectives which help in our personal growth.

Good luck on your journey and thank you for the shoutout.

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Great post Bill. It inspires me to start digging inside Reddit

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How long have you been hanging out on Reddit? I only started participating and appreciating it very recently.

Also, what are your favourite subs?

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Sorry missed this comment!

I've been on Reddit since around 2009. I actually used to a regular at the weekly Reddit NYC meetup, back then it felt more like a small community where a meetup made sense? Imagine if we did a "small bets" meetup now, it would feel cohesive, while these days Reddit is one of the top sites on the internet so less a small community.

I also used to go to a ton of EDM festivals and was the host for a bunch of Reddit EDM meetups.

So all this is to say, one again, it's probably my best channel because it's the one I understand the best :)

For Reddit, I would just google any topic you like and join the subreddit, most of the ones with <1 million members are good and the ones that are bigger are not, except for a few big ones like the fitness ones. I actually have a few different accounts, one for poker/crypto/gambling, one for "indie hackers" (like /r/saas, /r/entrepreneur, /r/react, /r/webdesign for example), one for healthy fun browsing (/r/getdisciplined, /r/fitness, /r/getmotivated, /r/loseit, /r/eatcheapandhealthy ), than one where I just sub to the dumb memes. So 4 accounts and I switch to the one that fits my mood best.

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All good!

And wow, I’m impressed! It does make a lot of sense for you to focus on Reddit with all the experience you have. It’s a tricky platform for most people so that’s an amazing unfair advantage you have there.

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